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James William Harjette for Craig Green A/W 14 at London Collections Men - MAN Show


this isn’t you?

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Comme des Garcons Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2000, Kirsty R. Photographed by Rosemary for High Fashion Magazine October 2000

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Peter and Jane Series // Miriam Elia

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Gernica in Sand, 2007 by Lee Mingwei 

In Guernica in Sand, I used Picasso’s Guernica as the departure point for a different view of the damage done when human beings are victimized. Instead of simply being critical of what happened in the Basque town of Guernica in 1937, I wanted to use the concept of impermanence as a lens for focusing on such violent events in terms of the ongoing phenomena of destruction and creation. (…)

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he looks amazing

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Demonstrating the Elfmeterbahn, 1964
Franz Erhard Walther

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Adam Patterson, scanned slides from Five Short Performances: Dog Ritual, 2014.

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Joseph Beuys - Unschlitt/Tallow, 1977

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