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So I was talking with bakufedouin, humalien and rirychan on Skype and I called Julius “cyberpunk” and was met with harsh disagreement from bakufedouin.  

As an aside regarding the pictures above: I keep coming back to this collection (SS 2009 - Insanity In Industrial Inc. #3 CANON_1 THE POSSESSED) because it’s one of the only runway shows where Julius used exclusively black (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) and Horikawa managed to show how diverse, flexible and interesting black can be. So many interesting textures and shapes; lots of deep blacks with waviness like deep waters.

But is it cyberpunk? My understanding of cyberpunk is gleaned from a course called Cyberpunk International that is taught by Professor Wlad Godzich at UCSC.  The “cyber” of cyberpunk refers to the organized systems of technology, the internet and society.  The “punk” refers to the rebellion of reinterpreting and modifying (hacking) those systems.  In cyberpunk literature, we see young protagonists employing technology and hacking technology in a way that transgresses the boundaries intended for the system.  Like punk subculture, there is some loss of individuality as the rebel immerses him/herself in the system and re-emerges with an altered self and system.

I need some input. I don’t know enough about the greater context to answer whether Julius is a literal hacking of a system. Perhaps it’s a sort of aesthetic interpretation of the hacked system?  Or is it just borrowing from the punk and industrial subcultures that identified with the cyberpunk narrative?

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julius aw11

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JULIUS Lamb Leather Backpack

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Julius SS15

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28414; n(n)/kka/julius/ro/ro/ma+/ccp/ccp/cd/bbs

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Shoulder holsters from “Chaos ; ontological anarchism” Julius_7 S/S 2011

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chiu chih’s survival kit for the ever-changing planet - via designboom.

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number 2 – winter 98 • purple magazine

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Nathcoles / @Cryselia

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Benjamin Jarvis for Blackbarrett Fall/Winter 2014

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Rhys Pickering at Dries Van Noten S/S 2015 (via)

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